31 Things I am Grateful for: July 2018

1. Trader Joe's snacks

2. Night swimming
3. Starting aged eggnog for Christmas
4. America the beautiful
5. The time we had with my Aunt Barbara
6. Beach day with friends
7. Haircuts and covering up the grey

8. Having lots of family close by
9. Being able to recognize love in the midst of tragedy
10. Renewing my domain name for nine years
11. Trying Duck Donuts for the first time

12. A massage
13. Dinner at Yoder's

14. Gulf Coast beach weekend

15. Fazoli's breadsticks
16. Jake, Miranda, and Sonya for taking care of Lucy while we were away
17. Funny Molly stories and pictures
18. Buttermilk Bakery with Jen
19. Trying Five-O Donut Co.

20. Another year of Josh
21. Sweet Lucy snuggles
22. Sunscreen and rash guards to keep my pasty skin from burning
23. Fajitas
24. New blankets
25. Coffee
26. A beach cart for all of our supplies
27. Getting the car detailed
28. Remembering Barb

29. Floating in the pool with Christopher
30. Afternoon naps while it rains
31. Christopher making dinner for us

July was a hard month. Grieving is exhausting. I hope your July was full of joy and fun, here's to a bright and shiny August.

What were you most grateful for in July?


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