What's in my Work Bag?

I'm nosy. I love to know what people like or dislike, what their houses look like, how clean is the inside of their car, do they keep 5lbs of napkins in the glove box? So I figured at least a couple people that stop by the blog might be the same. So here are the contents of my work bag, enjoy.

My favorite work bag is the Longchamp Large Le Pliage Tote. I had a knock off from Old Navy for a couple years and loved it so much, but when I went to buy a replacement they didn't have the same one anymore. So for Christmas a couple years ago Christopher bought me the real deal Longchamp. So now I'm a fancy workin' girl, who has way too much crap in her purse.

Here's the batch of stuff I am lugging around at the moment. I have notebooks, pouches of junk, and my lunchbox.

I've been enjoying this lunchbox I got from Amazon. It has an outside pocket which is nice for tucking a napkin in or my car key when I'm getting out of the car and it's big enough to hold my breakfast, lunch, snack, and extra drink. I'm needy.

This is the wallet I'm currently using, I go back and forth between this and a tiny card case depending on the purse I'm using. 

I love to keep all my little stuff in pouches so that the inside of my bag doesn't look like the aftermath of a hurricane. It also makes it easy to switch from my work bag to a purse after work.

In the floral Rifle Paper Co. X LeSportsac pouch I keep my beauty/grooming products. I have a brush, tampons, tissues, face blotting sheets, hand wipes, my prescriptions I take during the day, Kiehl's hand lotion, bobby pins, lipstick/gloss, my favorite Rosebud Salve, barrettes, some over the counter allergy meds, hair ties and a hair clip. Pretty standard stuff in here.

My next pouch is filled with tech and writing supplies. I have a card from a friend reminding me of all the reasons being alive is worth it, a pocket notebook to write funny stories and jokes in, another little notebook just so I always have a spare piece of paper, a card case with gift cards in it, a phone charger block, a reusable cloth coffee sleeve, a purse hook, a small battery bank, earbuds, and pens.

Next is my most colorful pouch. I have this set of Le Pens, a mechanical pencil, a Tombow dual brush pen, and a Copic MultiLiner Ink Pen in .03. I use these to practice my hand lettering, doodling, and general making shit pretty skills.

Last I have my planner, my self care/feelings/gratitude notebook, and a book.

Sometimes I have a sweater or rain jacket. Occasionally I'll have 15 publix receipts in a wad at the bottom of my bag. You never know what you'll find when you stick your hand into this thing.

I hope you enjoyed a little peak inside my work bag. What are your work bag must haves?


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