2018 Summer Bucket List Update

Now that Fall is officially here (even though it is currently 93 degrees out), I thought I'd share how we did with our Summer bucket list. 

5 out of 15, not great. 

We made it to both edges of the state to play in the ocean/gulf. 

We spent plenty of nights at the pool. 

Christopher installed a new kitchen sink and faucet. 

We 100% wouldn't miss a chance to get Kelly's Homemade Ice Cream. 

I'm not sure why I thought spending time outside not floating in a pool or ocean was a good idea, so we didn't go to a drive in or spend time in the hammock or go go-karting, because Florida is a swamp. 

We planned a cook out for the weekend after 4th of July, but my Aunt passed away and we never rescheduled the cook out. We also kind of stopped paying attention to the bucket list at this point. Oops. 

I want to try again for Fall, and this time I think I will keep the list to 10 or fewer bucket list items and maybe keep the weather in mind. 

What were your favorite Summer activities? What are you looking forward to this Fall? Let us know in the comments! 


  1. I thought the same thing when I read hang out in the hammock - seems like a fall or even winter activity here lol. It’s easy to get influenced by the mass marketing, and social media trends (people who live up north posting things) and feel like we should have cookouts and do lots of outdoor activities in the summer. Our time for that is coming though! :)

  2. I got to go "apple picking" on nana's kitchen table last night! Hello Fall!


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