Trader Joe's Haul: September 2018

I LOVE Trader Joe's, so I thought I'd share my latest shopping trip with you! Some of the things are favorites I repurchased and some are new to me and I can't wait to try them. Let's jump in. 

Here's the loot. I have flowers, and produce, and frozen treats, oh my! So since I bought so much stuff, I am going to break it into groups.

Trader Joe's frozen section is like a wonderland of tastiness. It's my favorite isle.

Let's start with the new to me items I purchased: Big Soft Pretzels ($2.49 for 4), Multigrain Toaster Waffles ($1.99), Coffee Bean Blast Ice Cream ($3.99), Chipotle Vegetable Quesadilla ($3.49), Frozen Crushed Ginger ($2.29 for 20 - 1tsp cubes).

Repurchased Favorites: Mandarin Orange Chicken ($4.99), Fettuccine Alfredo ($3.99), Chicken Tikka Masala ($3.49), Frozen Crushed Garlic ($2.29)

We LOVE the Fettuccine Alfredo, we almost always have a bag on hand. It's great for an easy dinner, just add some veggies and/or chicken to the pasta or make a salad and boom dinner. The Mandarin Orange Chicken is a new favorite for us, but we had to get it again.

The Frozen Crushed Garlic is another staple in our freezer, I actually bought 5 of them this trip. It's so easy and I never have to worry about having enough garlic on hand or needing to chop it.

I was inspired by this picture on Pinterest for a lunch for Christopher. So we got Tomatoes on the Vine, 20oz ($1.99), Small Ciliegine Mozzarella ($3.49), Balsamic Vinaigrette ($1.99), Teeny Tiny 6ct Avocados ($3.99).

I had never purchased any of these items before, and I don't eat avocados or raw tomatoes so I am going to trust Christopher wasn't just being nice when he said this salad was really good. I cut the tomatoes into bites and put them in a container with the mozzarella balls, sprinkled with garlic powder and red pepper flakes. I packed two of the tiny avocados, a knife, and a baggie of the balsamic for him to assemble at work.

New to us: Old Fashioned Waffle Cones ($2.49), Buttermilk Pancake and Baking Mix ($1.99), Traditional Marinara ($1.39), Dixie Peach Juice ($3.99), Roasted Garlic and Herb Butter ($2.49)

Repurchased: Oven Roasted Turkey Breast slices ($2.99), Aged Swiss Slices ($3.99), Cocoa Batons ($1.99)

Christopher loves the Cocoa Batons, we usually have a can of them around for special treats.

New to us: Southwestern Chopped Salad ($3.29), Lemon Basil Pasta Salad ($4.49)

Repurchased staples: Bananas ($0.19 each), Organic Butter Lettuce & Radicchio ($2.49), Organic Baby Spinach ($2.29), Organic Chopped Romaine ($2.69), Baby Sweet Bell Peppers ($1.99)

Christopher took the Lemon Basil pasta salad in his lunch and gave it a meh. It wasn't bad, but he wouldn't buy it again.

I love these little sweet peppers and I like a mix of lettuces in my salads. My go to mix is: butter lettuce, spinach, and romaine topped with sweet peppers, and black olives. Plus dressing.

I also forgot to take a closer picture of the flowers we bought (see the first photo - we got a $9.99 bouquet this time)

We also bought two greeting cards for 99 cents each and a candy bar for 99 cents, but those either didn't make it home or I don't want to ruin the surprise, so no pics of those either.

I hope you enjoyed this Trader Joe's Haul. I love seeing what people buy at the grocery store. Do you have any Trader Joe's favorites? Leave them in the comments! 


  1. Frozen crushed garlic?! Why did I not know this was a thing??

    1. It is the best invention! I wish they had more herbs like this.


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