31 Things I am Grateful for: October 2018

1. Trying RoyalTea

2. Taking a photo class with Jen
3. Trying a new coffee place, La Kuma Coffee

4. Pumpkin cheesecake
5. Fun at the UCF Football game

6. Another year of Christopher!
7. Pumpkin patching with friends

8. A Star is Born (soundtrack and first 2/3 of the movie only)
9. Cheddar Bay Biscuits at home
10. Running out to get breakfast with Jen
11. New Rifle Paper Co. water bottle
12. Food and Wine trip #2
13. First Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra performance of the season

14. Enjoying some ice cream with one of the best girls I know

15. Gifting a giant unicorn balloon
16. David's life. He introduced me to Christopher and changed my life forever. Rest in peace, David.
17. Looking at old pictures from my middle school and high school years
18. Christopher came home today from a work trip!
19. Ice Cream

20. Weekend trip to Savannah to celebrate Sonya and Erik
21. Coffee Fox

22. Lucy snuggles
23. McDonald's iced coffee
24. Fortune cookies

25. Jen's new adventure
26. Celebrating baby Emory
27. Plants that survive living in my house/office
28. Apple picking (off my parent's dining room table)

29. Jake's amazing sourdough cinnamon rolls

30. Another year of Mark
31. Halloween!

I hope your October was a great one! Welcome to fall, the beginning of the best time of year!


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