A Weekend in Savannah, GA

Christopher and I took a quick weekend trip to Savannah to celebrate our friends Sonya and Erik getting *gasp* married. I love love, and I'm down for a road trip no matter the occasion, so obviously the minute we got our invitation our Airbnb was booked and my googlemaps was filled with starred restaurants, coffee shops, parks, museums, and monuments. 

As soon as we check into our Airbnb, we headed out for dinner at Savannah Seafood Shack. Christopher had the snow crab legs steamin' combo and I had the fried-tastic combo with shrimp and hush puppies.

Obviously we enjoyed ourselves. I mean look at the mess Christopher made.

After dinner, we headed a couple blocks over and got in the Leopold's Ice Cream line. We waited about 25-30 minutes, which was perfect because we needed some time to recover from the seafood feast we had just finished.

Leopold's feels quaint and homey inside and the ice cream was delicious.

We each got a single scoop in a waffle cone, I had coffee chocolate chip, and Christopher had peanut butter chippy.

We walked around while eating our ice cream and looked at the cool old buildings and stores.

We ended the night with out first Coffee Fox coffee of the trip, and then headed back to the loft to start Making a Murderer Part 2.

Saturday started with another trip to Coffee Fox, I may have carefully selected our Airbnb based on it's proximity to my favorite Savannah Coffee shop.

We walked around drinking coffee and taking in some of the parks.

On our way to brunch we ran into a couple of friends who were also in town for the wedding, so obviously we convinced them to come have brunch with us at The Funky Brunch Cafe.

There was a bit of a wait for a table with a griddle so we could make our own pancakes, so we got two carafes of mimosas and chatted.

Check out these masterful pancake works of art. I mean, come on Food Network, you know you want to feature us.

Christopher and I shared a batch of pancakes, with bananas and chocolate chips as well as this Breakfast at Mom's dish, two eggs over a split biscuit, smothered in sausage gravy, with a side of bacon. It was delightful.

After brunch we hit up World of Beer for a beverage, and I thought this wall decal under the sign for the men's room was funny. It may have been the mimosas and beer, or I might just be 12 at heart. Who knows.

After a morning and early afternoon of drinking, Christopher and I headed back to the loft to cool off, sober up for round two, and get ready for Sonya and Erik's wedding. I took 0 pictures at the wedding, because good people + open bar = keep that shit to your damn self.

On our last day in Savannah, we started the day with breakfast at J Christopher's. One of my favorite things about Savannah was how dog friendly it is. There were dogs at almost every single outdoor table at J Christopher's. They even had a dog section on the menu. It was awesome. Anyway, human food. I got the blueberry crunch cakes (blueberry pancakes with granola baked in) with eggs, bacon, and home fries.

Christopher got a skillet, and I think it was like bacon and cheddar or something, but I can't remember. The atmosphere was cozy, the staff was friendly, and the number of cutie dogs made my heart happy.

You can't go to Savannah without hanging out in a few parks, so we spent the rest of our time exploring.

Before heading home, we stopped at one last coffee place, Foxy Loxy Cafe. I got my usual latte and Christopher had an espresso tonic. We sat in their cozy courtyard with a DJ playing music, drank our coffee, and people watched for a while. It was a comfortable place to hang out, and pretty busy for a Sunday after lunch.

On the way home we stopped for gas in Townsend, GA and while looking at the map I noticed a little balloon for The Smallest Church in America, so obviously we had to stop.

In case you didn't know, Christopher and I met at a church youth group, and while our relationship with church congregations has been a difficult one, church is still an incredibly important and special place for us. This was such a cool stop and I know we happened upon it for a reason.

The rest of the drive home was pretty uneventful, we listened to Podcasts and made up songs like we usually do in the car together.

Savannah is a great place for a weekend visit, so if you haven't been or it's been a while, make some plans.

Congratulations, Sonya and Erik! Thanks for giving us an excuse to get away for the weekend!


  1. Savannah will always be one of my favorite places! It is where Nelson and I got engaged!

    1. I love that! We saw so many other weddings while we were there. It really is beautiful, so maybe I'll convince Christopher to propose again. :)

    2. Savannah would be the perfect place to propose! It looks just like downtown Winter Park did 20 years ago.

  2. Savannah would be the perfect place to propose!


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