Fall Bucket List 2018

My Summer bucket list was way too long (see the update), and not very well thought out, so for Fall I have paired it back a little.

Fall in Florida is still a sweaty mess, so I don't have a lot of the typical Fall activities like apple picking and playing in fallen leaves on this list.

I love Fall! It will finally get down into the 70s and 80s here in Florida, so it's the best part of the year for going outside. Not quite as much sweating, not as many mosquitoes, not as much rain, it's lovely. Plus two of the best holidays happen during fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Pumpkin and apples are so good, and mixing anything with cinnamon makes me happy, so pretty much Fall eats are my jam.

I also love handing out candy to Trick-or -Treaters, decorating with all the Fall colors, spending time with family and friends. It's just the beginning of the most magical time of the year!

What do you love about Fall? 


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