Lucy's Favorite Trader Joe's Products for Dogs

Christopher and I are not the only Trader Joe's fans in our home. Lucy loves the dog treats from Trader Joe's, and they are too cute for the humans to resist. 

Their staple peanut butter flavor dog treats come in hilarious shapes like cars, squirrels, cats, and fire hydrants. 

Another staple Lucy loves are the dehydrated chicken tenders, which look exactly how they sound, so I didn't take a picture.

Obviously, Lucy loves the holidays as much as her humans, and she can't celebrate October without the pumpkin flavored dog treats. And this year she got her paws on the Turkey cranberry dog treats for the first time, and they are so cute and the perfect bite size snack. 

Lucy loves new treats, so we try to get all of the seasonal options to keep things interesting for her. I saw a picture of gingerbread dog treats today, so I'll keep my eyes open for a box of those. 

Have your doggies tried any of the Trader Joe's treats? Leave their favorites in the comments!


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