12 Days of Holiday Baking Day 12: Andes Mint Cookies

This was originally posted December 8, 2015. I ran out of time to make cookies before I left for our Christmas trip to Germany. These cookies are amazing any time of year, but I do especially love them at Christmas. 

I love Andes Mints. I have been known to keep them in my pantry often. So when these Andes Mint baking chips came out several years ago, these cookies became a Christmas cookie staple in our family. They are so minty and perfect and people go nuts over them.

They are pretty similar to a chocolate chip cookie, so if you bake often you probably have all of the base ingredients.

Like any good cookie, cream your softened butter and sugars first.

Add your other wet, then dry ingredients, except for the chips.

 Last add the Andes Mint chips and stir gently.


Just like with most cookies I bake, I use a small scoop to scoop cookies onto the cookie sheet so I get mostly uniformly sized cookies.

Take these to a party, or work, or to a friend, or neighbor, or enemy for that matter. They will love them! Unless that person is my brother Josh, he's a freak.


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