12 Days of Holiday Treats Day 2: Pretzel Treats 3 Ways

On the second day of holiday teats my true love made for me, 3 types of pretzel treats

The first two pretzel treats are the Rolo Pretzel Delights and a variation with out the pecans and the third is a similar idea but with a Hershey's kiss and an m&m.

Set your oven to 250 degrees and put the pretzels on a baking sheet. Don't put too many on the sheet at once, it will make the last step more difficult.

I like to use the snaps shaped pretzels, but any pretzel is fine.

Top pretzels with either Rolos or Hershey's Kisses

 Bake the pretzels topped with chocolate candies for about 5 minutes, or until they are just starting to melt.

As soon as you take the pretzels out of the oven, top your melty chocolate candies with either, pecan halves, another pretzel, or m&ms. 

Pecan halves are the topping from the original recipe for Rolo Pretzel Delights, but I like to make some of the rolo pretzels with pretzels on both top and bottom for people who don't like or cannot eat pecans. 

I top the Hershey's kiss pretzels with m&m's, because this is for Christmas I  used red and green m&m's, but you can make these with any color m&m to suit your occasion. The red m&m's remind me of Rudolf's nose, so that makes me smile.

The best part about making these treats is that they are quick. I like making these for work, they are bite sized and delicious and people really like them.

If you are short on time or patience, these treats are for you. 


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