12 Days of Holiday Treats Day 9: Hot Cocoa Cookies

These Hot Cocoa Cookies took a little work to get right, but were worth the tray of oopsies because YUM!

My first struggle was that I didn't really have the right ingredients. The recipe called for milk chocolate chips and I only had semi-sweet and dark chocolate, but I had Hershey's Kisses, so I figured I could toss those in my mini food processor and be good.

The food processor wasn't really very helpful in turning my kisses into little chunks, so I ended up just chopping them with a knife. I definitive could have used the normal semi-sweet chips and it would have been fine.

Mix up your dry ingredients

Beat together the wet, add dry

Scoop decent sized balls of dough onto a cookie sheet and top each with a marshmallow.

Watch the inanity unfold. HERE IS MY TIP:  make fewer cookies on each sheet and make the dough balls big enough to support the fully melted marshmallow. When you press the dough balls flat make a nice dent for the marshmallow to sit in. This will help you avoid having most of your cookies stuck to the cookie sheet in a hot gooey mess.

The hot gooey mess cookies fall apart immediately and you will want to cry.

Here are some of the bigger cookies that survived the marshmallow melting and made it off the sheet without being a disaster.

After you get the hang of the cookie dough to marshmallow ratio these cookies are pretty easy and very good. They would be a really fun and different cookie to take to a cookie exchange party. 


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