2018 Year in Review

2018 was an intense year. We experienced some very sad, very scary, lows, and some highs we'll never forget. So here I'll share the things we loved most about 2018 and the things we are glad to have survived.

Things We Loved


Celebrating Hannah's recovery
Celebrating Elicia and Ben's wedding
Celebrating UCF Football with a parade at Walt Disney World
Eating my annual deep fried Mars bar at the Scottish Highland Games
Living the suite life at the Miranda Lambert concert with Bianca


Celebrating Molly's birthday
Building terrariums with Bianca
Visiting Carrie in DC, and visiting all of my favorite DC places together
A Galentine's Day Date with Jen


Visiting Kelly, Scott, and Baby Finley in CT
Spending the day with Stacy in CT
Kelly taking me to Neil's Donuts every day while I was in CT
Celebrating little Heidi's birthday
Planing a lemon tree
Matching Easter tattoos with my best girls


Riding the Sunrail together to see Something Rotten!
Weekend trip to St. Augustine with Arie and Jessie
Seeing Postmodern Jukebox
Celebrating mom's birthday at Luke's with fancy cocktails 


Celebrating Hannah's birthday
Tons of fun Disney days


Celebrating Bianca's birthday at Disney world
Christopher's work trip to San Antonio
Rainbow pool floats 
Meeting a bald eagle at the Maitland Birds of Prey Center
Maroon 5, slumber party, and Datz with Jen
Seeing Rent togehter
Harry Potter in Concert


Beach days with friends
Christopher had a lizard visit him at work
A last minute trip to Sarasota to relax and eat at Yoder's


A huge breakfast feast at Metro Diner before a fun Disney day
Beefy King with Jen and Gerardo


UCF Football 
Christopher's work trip to IL
Celebrating Kera's birthday with a plate of bacon
Cruising with our friends 
Riding Slinky Dog Dash at Hollywood Studios


Christopher's work trip to New York where he stayed in the weirdest old castle turned hotel, decorated with taxidermy 
Celebrating Hannah's baby girl
Trying out royaltea
Visiting the smallest church in America
Jacob's homemade sourdough cinnamon rolls


Football with the ladies
Meeting Goofy
Brunch at Se7en Bites and the Philharmonic with Kera
New Trader Joe's bags
Starbucks Holiday cups


Christmas in Germany with Mom, Dad, Christopher, and Jacob
Family time celebrating Christmas when we got back

Christopher's fancy rental car 
Lucy's dog treat advent calendar
Candlelight Processional at Epcot
Caramel apple from the Germany pavilion at Epcot

We had a lot of fun during 2018, but no year comes without it's hardships. Below are the things that broke our hearts in 2018

Mom's Surgery

My mom had a huge tumor removed from her ovary in January. It was scary to think about all of the possible complications and what the future might hold depending on what they found once they removed the tumor. Thankfully, her tumor was completely removed and the cancerous cells were contained to the tumor. She still has to be monitored and we pray that it never comes back, but we are relieved that her surgery went smoothly and she has recovered and gotten back to being an active Nana. 

Aunt Barbara

Aunt Barbara unexpectedly died on July 5th. It's still hard to believe six months later. When I started thinking about Thanksgiving last year, one of my first thoughts was, "I wonder what Barb will bring". She loved us and her friends so much, and she is deeply missed


Christopher's childhood best friend David died in October. David brought his friend Chris to youth group and that's how we met. David was so kind. He struggled with addiction for as long as I can remember and eventually the effects of that addiction led to the end of his life. He brought so much light into so many lives, I only wish he could have found that for himself. 

If you struggle with addiction, please don't be afraid to find help: http://drughelpline.org or call 1-888-633-3239

I am glad to have a new year ahead of us, and thankful to have grown in 2018.


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