31 Things I am Grateful for: December 2018

December was an amazing month and I am so grateful this is how we ended 2018.

1. UCF Football 2018 American Athletic Conference Champions! GO KNIGHTS!
2. Candlelight Processional at Epcot

3. Target Drive Up Pick Up
4. Gin
5. My weighted blanket
6. Trying Stonington's Fried Shrimp, YUM!

7. Trying the Aged Eggnog I started over the summer, it was so good.
8. Our 7th successful gingerbread house building party

9. A few holiday LUSH items to help me feel festive

10. Lucy to keep my company while Christopher was away for work again
11. Fresh hair cut and color touch up before our trip
12. Kobe night with Miranda, Sonya, and Freddy - thanks again Freddy for not running over that skateboarder
13. Seeing Stacy and Jason two months in a row!

14. Amazing people that loved on my Lucy while we were out of town
15. Going to freaking GERMANY for Christmas with mom, dad, Christopher and Jake
16. Making a snow ball

17. Eating giant soft pretzels

18. Gluhwein

19. Riding cool trains

20. Seeing Michael, the intern from Germany that worked in my office for a few weeks
21. Visiting historic sites
22. Seeing breathtaking architecture
23. Our adorable Christmas tree

24. Christmas Eve service in German
25. The birth of Jesus
26. Nice Airbnbs and hotels
27. Making it home safely, even if it did take 6 hours longer than expected
28. Making cookies with Josh and Molly

29. Snuggling Lucy after being away for so long
30. The fact that this picture exists

31. Falling asleep before the ball drop, happy and in my own bed

I hope you had a great December and a great 2018. I'll do a year end update a little later, we're still getting back into the swing of real life after being away for two weeks. 


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