31 Things I am Grateful for: January 2019

Welcome to 2019! I hope your year is off to a great start. .

1. UCF Football in the Fiesta Bowl, even though it was the first loss in forever
2. Surviving my first day at work without my long time work bestie
3. My January Birchbox came in the mail

4. Meeting baby Emory
5. Hollywood Studios with Jen and Chris, riding Slinky Dog and Meeting MARRY FREAKING POPPINS

6. The Buslife Wall Calendar I got for this year
7. Christopher installing a new car stereo in our car so we can use Bluetooth audio, I know we're behind
8. Chicken mini's from Chick Fil A
9. Gchat/Google Hangouts so I can chat with my friends
10. Work pals happy hour
11. Lunch with my orientation friends

12. Disney day to celebrate my birthday early

13. Meeting Ariel and discussing dingle hoppers
14. Season 2 of Friends From College on Netflix
15. Another year of being alive.
16. Another year of Grandma Marty (she's the sassy on in the middle)

17. Bloomin Onion to celebrate Grandma Marty's birthday
18. My birthday pizza and ice cream party

19. The Scottish Highland Games

20. Disney Day at Animal Kingdom

21. Martin Luther King Jr.

22. Anniversary trip planning with Christopher
23. Lucy! 9 years ago we adopted our precious little Lucy girl and she is the best pal a girl could ask for.

24. Booking our anniversary trip flights and hotels

26. Netflix fireplace for a little hygee while I read a book or work on tedious stuff

27. Finding Mickey Ice Cream bars at Publix

28. Door Dash food delivery
29. Seeing the Wizard of Oz on the big screen for the 80th Anniversary
30. Pretty Planner stickers from Honeyinked on Etsy
31. Christopher making my morning coffee while I was still in bed

January is pretty much always one of my favorite months of the year. Not only is January my birthday month, but the Central Florida Scottish Highland Games always take place in January, it's one of the better months to visit Disney, we get some cool enough weather to wear a scarf and a jacket, it's just all around a pretty good time of the year in my opinion.

Do you enjoy January? Share your favorite parts of January in the comments below.


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