Frankfurt Germany, 2018 Part 2

Our last night in Germany was back in Frankfurt. We stayed at the Moxy City Center again, and when we got to our room it was decorated!

There was a Christmas market in this square while we were in Frankfurt the first time, but when we got back there was no evidence that it had ever happened, everything was cleaned up and put back to it's usual square set up.

We had dinner at a hamburger place called, What's Beef, and it was awesome.

It was Brooklyn themed and they were playing 90's and early 00's hip hop music.

Christopher, Jacob, and I were singing along and the people working there were laughing at us.

There were wet towelettes on the table to wipe your hands.

The burgers and onion rings were huge and delicious.


And the milkshakes were ridiculous. I mean look at these monsters.

After dinner we headed back to the hotel to pack and play a couple card games in the lobby with some drinks and of course, the Christmas tree. We ended up leaving out little tree on this table our last night and when we checked out the next day it was still there. I hope a few more people got to enjoy it before it became trash.

We flew home from the Frankfurt airport and to get on our plane we had to take a bus to the plane and then use some outside stairs. I have never done this before and it was pretty exciting, and also freezing.

We had such a great time in Germany! It is definitely a place I would visit again, and every day I miss being there.

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