Frankfurt, Germany 2018

Y'ALL, WE WENT TO GERMANY! And it was AMAZING! Alright, enough capslock.

We started our German adventure in Frankfurt. 

This sign met us in the lobby when we checked in, I loved it. It always a good reminder to love yourself. So in case you needed that reminder today, you are enough just the way you are, you are worthy of love, and you are loved, even if you don't always feel like it.

While we were in Frankfurt we stayed at Moxy Frankfurt City Center. It's very hipster. The rooms were minimalist in style and the lobby was funky and fun.

You check in at the same counter where you can order drinks, you get a welcome cocktail when you check in, and the lobby/lounge area is full of cute decor items and board games.

I enjoyed playing with the toys when we were at the hotel.

I mean how could anyone resist.

Our room was the only room in our hallway with a welcome mat, so that was kind of weird, but also fun and it made it easier to find.

It was snowing when we arrived to Frankfurt, so after we checked in we watched the snow falling from our window for a few minutes and then went out to the Christmas market to play in it.

The first thing we bought, a damn pretzel son. I was SO excited to eat big soft pretzels in Germany.

Next stop, Gluhwein. Gluhwein is a hot mulled wine, and is pretty much necessary when you are walking around outside for hours in the freezing cold. Plus the mugs are adorable and we now have quite a collection.

The sausage lovers stopped to get their first sausages.

Mmmmm sausage.

I don't love sausages, so this is just me being excited to see snow.

And look, snow on a palm tree! So fun!

I got myself a Nutella crepe instead of a sausage, because Nutella is way better than sausage.

On our first full day in Frankfurt we had breakfast at Cafe Karin. I got this farmer's omelette with bacon and potatoes. It was amazing.

Jake got the meat and cheese plate that came with bread and a soft boiled egg. We all struggled to help him eat the egg, and ended up spying on the table next to us for tips.

Then we got into the big part of the Christmas market and I was in love with these trees. They reminded us of mini versions of the Whomping Willow from Harry Potter, which made everything even more whimsical.

 Everywhere was decorated with lights and trees.

We walked across Eiserner Steg (Iron Bridge) to get a better view of the river and the buildings along the banks.

We didn't add a lock to the bridge, mostly because we didn't know it was a lock hanging bridge, but I also think this can be hazardous to the bridge. Either way it was cool to see.

Awww, look it's us on a bridge.

After the bridge we obviously needed a snack, so we got this bad boy. I'm pretty sure it's called a Baumkuchen. It's pastry dough that is cooked wrapped around a wooden pole and then rolled in toppings, we always got cinnamon and sugar. They are served warm, are a little crunchy on the outside and soft inside, and even after they cool they are still good.

The next morning we tried Zeit Fur Brot for breakfast. I got this amazing cinnamon roll and a cappuccino.

All of the bakeries we visited had amazing selections of fresh breads, pastries, cookies, sandwiches, and coffees. It made me feel like I really need to up my bread game at home.

I also really loved this advent wreath that was hanging from the ceiling. Almost everywhere we went they had an advent wreath of some kind. I have so many new ideas for displaying mine this coming Christmas.

We visited the Main Tower observation deck, the highest in the city. Our whole trip was pretty foggy and drizzly, and thankfully this was actually one of the clearest days we had.

You can even see a few blue spots in the sky behind us in this picture!

We visited the Senckenberg Nature History Museum and in the park in front there were some large art pieces. This first piece spells Love from one view and Hate from the other.

I love dinosaurs and this museum was full of them.

Just a couple blocks from our hotel was Cafe Hauptwache. The building is beautiful and the food was excellent.

My mom and I both had schnitzel with fries.

Chris had the Bavarian sausages with a pretzel.

My dad had a beef sausage with potato and cucumber salad.

Jake had sausage with a curry - ketchup sauce and fries.

These little beauties were like chocolate covered marshmallowy mouse domes of delight. I have no idea what they were called or what they actually are, but they sure were good. 

After enjoying Frankfurt for a few days we took the train to Nuremberg.

Have you been to Frankfurt? Leave your Frankfurt favorites in the comments.

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