Munich, Germany 2018

The third stop on our German adventure was Munich. In case you missed the first two stops, you can find posts about them here: Frankfurt, Nuremberg

We had to take our Knights Passport photo right when we got to Munich.

Inside the train station was this cool statue of Ritter Sport. If you haven't had this candy, you should definitely try it.

 After getting checked in to our Airbnb, we needed lunch. We decided to try out Ruff's Burger, the burgers good and it was nice enough outside with our coats on to sit outside. We did some good people watching while enjoying our first hamburgers in Germany.

Our Airbnb was only a couple of blocks from the Christmas market. So we walked about a block and then had this view.

This market was huge. The buildings in this area were beautiful, that tree was probably the tallest Christmas tree I've ever seen, everything about this part of town was magical.

 This is the new town hall in Marienplatz.

This is the old town hall

Biggest, coolest, Christmas tree


Christmas decorations everywhere, even the sides of the subway stations

Looking up into the giant Christmas tree branches.

More trees!!

There were elaborate nativities all over here too.

A man blowing glass ornaments in the Christmas market

The crowd and more Christmas lights hung between the buildings

Gluhwein, always.

This food and drink stand was shaped like a train car. It was so cool.

This pyramid sold food and drinks out of the bottom. My parents have one of these and the fan at the top is moved by heat rising from candles in the bottom floor. It's a really cool decoration and it was even cooler to see so many huge ones in real life.

Christopher, me, and Jacob in front of the giant tree.

In an effort to keep our load light on this trip, we only packed clothes to get us half way and then while we were in Munich we found a laundromat and did laundry.

After doing laundry, we went to Solo Pizza for some dinner.

Minestrone soup, SO good.

Ham and mushroom pizza

Cheese pizza

Fancy cherry lemonade

After our yummy Italian feast we headed back to the apartment to put away our clothes and watch some Christmas movies in German.

This is one of the delicious pastries I ate for breakfast one day and the cappuccino that gave me life.

While we were in Munich we visited the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Siteread about our experience here.

My favorite Christmas tree all bright at night.

 Pyramid at night.

These gingerbread man shaped gummies were supposed to be caramel flavored and they were terrible.

We had dinner at Hackerhaus, and it was a really big restaurant but also felt really cozy.

Potato soup

Liver dumpling soup

Sauerbraten with potato dumpling

Grilled sausages with sauerkraut

Raviolis filled with a veal and spinach on sauerkraut with onions

Roast pork with potato dumpling

Hunter's Roast, meatloaf with a creamy mushroom gravy and spatzle.

More pretty buildings and cute streets

 This breakfast is from Cortidiano, it's two eggs over potatoes, served with a side salad.

Coffee <3 p="">

We learned that Germans are pretty literal, my mom ordered ginger tea with her breakfast and she got ginger tea. Hot water + ginger + ginger tea. She was thinking it would be like tea leaves and ginger in water, no.

This is a ham and cheese scramble on a croissant, served with a side salad.

One of the most beautiful bowls of fruit I've eaten at a restaurant.

Omelette on toast, served with a side salad.

This is the Gartnerplatz Theater, it's on a traffic circle that has curved buildings surrounding it. I liked this circle a lot.

We saw so many cool buildings and doors as we walked around the city.

This Catholic church was on the pedestrian walkway behind our Airbnb building. 

Cobblestone is so pretty, but I imagine it would be annoying to walk on all the time. I trip over flat surfaces, so I'm not sure how I even managed not to fall while we were in Germany.

We visited the Bavarian National Museum, which was incredible.

I obviously loved their Christmas tree, because again it's huge.

And there were apples with big red bows hanging on the tree, and it smelled heavenly. Like if I could get that in a candle it would be the only candle I ever used.

We made an obligatory trip to Hofbrauhaus, which was insane.

Beef Goulash

A tiny part of a huge pretzel

Cool ceiling paintings

The food and beer were good, but the place itself was a huge, loud, crazy crowded place. I wouldn't go back.

Theater im Marstall

Cool fountain

How cute is this gingerbread house trashcan topper?!

Theatine Church

A Christmas tree lot, I loved seeing these all around town.

Feldherrnhalle, memorial to the Bavarian army and the site of Hitler's 1923 Beer Hall Putsch. 

There were so many cool monuments and statues.

St. Ludwig Munich Catholic Church

This cool pole was in the middle of one of the Christmas markets

We had lunch at Eataly and I ordered a coke, and this was the soda they brought me. MoleCola is authentic cola Italiana. So watch out Coca-Cola, you've got some steep competition.

We had some more pizza. These were wood fired individual pizzas. Jacob and my mom got the prosciutto and mushroom.

Christopher and I both got margherita and my dad had a calzone that I didn't get a picture of.

This window display was really sweet and reminded me of looking at the Christmas window in New York City.

A bunch of places had little dog holding spots. They are called hundeplatz, and I love them.

On Christmas Eve my mom got  us a tiny Christmas tree so we could feel festive.

She even made a nice dinner, including cheese, crackers, olives, nuts, pickles, and cheese sticks wrapped in meat.

Jacob tried an olive just to make sure he still didn't like them, his distaste for olives was confirmed.

Then we had spaghetti and salad for dinner.

We even had fresh rye bread and baguette and petit fours and raspberry cake from a local bakery. 

It was a really lovely Christmas Eve dinner in our little German home away from home. 

After dinner we went to the Lutheran Church of St. Matthew for a Christmas Eve church service, which of course was completely in German.

The sanctuary was beautiful

They had a pipe organ, which always earns some bonus points with us, and the service was nice even though we can't be 100% sure what they were saying.

One of the nights when we had eaten a later lunch and were tired from exploring we ended up having stuffed waffles for dinner at Wonder Waffle. This place was NUTS.

They had waffles, ice cream, milkshakes, and combinations of those things, plus SO many toppings!

These are some of the ice creams, which looked incredible.

Look at all these toppings, fruits, candies, nuts, hot fudge, peanut butter, they had so many options.

The very best part was that my cappuccino came with a mini ice cream cone with vanilla ice cream. It was one of the very best surprises ever.

Look how cute!

My dad's coffee also came with a mini cone, but his was lemon. We wonder if maybe that was a mistake or if they were pulling a prank, or if people just like lemon and coffee in Germany? We weren't sure.

Now, the main event, waffles. My dad got a waffle with nutella, banana, and chocolate ice cream, plus they write your name on your plate and make a little heart!

I had a waffle with hazelnut butter, banana, strawberries, and some kind of hazelnut candy.

Just look how yummy. I really want this again.

Chris got the all the fruits waffle, it had banana, kiwi, strawberries, topped with nutella.

I tried so hard to make it through my waffle extravaganza, but I was a couple bites short. I loved this place so much. 

We left Munich on Christmas day and my dad decided we should be fancy on Christmas, so we had first class train tickets from Munich to Stuttgart. This is us having some complimentary snacks and drinks in the first class lounge at the train station, with our tree of course. 

Munich was an amazing city, and one I would totally visit again.

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