Nuremberg, Germany 2018

In case you missed the Frankfurt post, we went to Germany for Christmas with my parents and brother. We started in Frankfurt and our second stop was Nuremberg. 

We arrived in Nuremberg by train, and this mural was in the train station, I'm pretty sure.

The Airbnb where we stayed in Nuremberg was across the street from a bakery, so after we got all of our stuff situated we went to the bakery to have sandwiches for lunch.

Just look at this beautiful train station. Buildings are spectacular in Europe and it makes me giddy to see them. 

This was the first Christmas market we visited in Nuremberg, it was a cool little village of shops. There was a restaurant and a couple of Gluhwein stands. SO Many Christmas trees!

Most streets had lights and decorations on the trees and buildings.

I don't know if I even need to add words to this post, but this was the sign hanging above the entrances to the Christmas market in Nuremberg. I love the angel, it looks like an old fashioned Christmas ornament that you might make as a craft.

This is Frauenkirche Nürnberg (Church of Our Lady). There was a market in front of this church and a group of musicians were playing and singing Christmas out front. It was magical.

Our obligatory Gluhwein picture.

This nativity was across from the musicians in a little gazebo. It was big!

I appreciated that there were lamp posts at the ends of the rows at this market, it helped give you some landmarks for meeting up with people.

More gluhwein, it was cold.

This market had a kids section, which was adorable and creepy AF.

There were stalls with food and crafts like the other market, but the kids market had some rides.

It also had the most terrifying nativity ever.

This baby Jesus is like something out of a horror film.

The puppets(?) dancing robots(?), whatever they were, were also crazy creepy.

But the rides looked fun and the kids didn't seem to find the stall toppers creepy. Although, when you grow up with Krampus as part of your Christmas tradition, I guess this stuff is tame.

This was our first Nuremberg sausage snack. These are my favorite, they are kind of like breakfast sausage.

This was a coffee I had after dinner one night and I Just love all of the little details in Germany, look how cute that little gingerbread star cookie is.

Literally Christmas trees everywhere, look at the highest balcony on corner.

This Christmas tree lot was set up near the market, the trees were all so cute and smelled so fresh.

From the back this church reminded me of the Haunted Mansion at Magic Kingdom.

Inside, it was less Haunted Mansion, more Hogwarts.

 Everything is so intricately detailed, the stonework, windows, sculptures. It's breathtaking inside and out.

Heeellllooooo pipe organ. We didn't get to hear this big beauty in use, but I bet it's amazing.

We stopped in this little yarn store so my mom could pick up some yarn. She likes to try yarn from all over the world.

While we were in Nuremberg we visited the Toy Museum.

This little Toy Museum Sign in Scrabble letters made me so happy. I love Scrabble!

I also love Lego and these little houses were adorable.

Jake and I played with the trains, and had a small train crash and derailing. Oops.

This huge thing is the most intricate model train set up I have ever seen. It was incredibly detailed and I was so sad that we missed seeing it in action.

One of the fun restaurants we tried, Bratwursthausle, cooks the delicious Nurember sausages on an open beech wood fire in the middle of the dining room.

I had my sausages with potato salad.

Everyone else got sauerkraut. They also bring a basket of pretzels for the table. We ended up sharing out table with a German couple for the first half of our meal and a Russian mom and daughter for the second half. Our server was hilarious, he was joking around with us and offered Jacob a dish washing job. He also spoke at least four languages because we heard him speaking in German, English, Italian, and Russian. He was awesome.

After stuffing ourselves with sausage I saw these pulled donuts, and they were so pretty and smelled so good, so I got one. Because duh.

It was kind of like a funnel cake dough but in a big puff with a powdered sugar angel on top. SO GOOD.

And here is another giant Christmas tree just because I liked it.

Nuremberg was an amazing city, definitely one of my favorites we visited, maybe even my favorite. I still haven't decided. We were only here for two full days, and I really wish I had known how much I would love it so I could have planned more time here.

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