About Us

Hi! We're Christopher and Natalie Hofreiter. I'm here to share our adventures and our regular daily life on this blog.

We like to eat local food, do house projects, try new things, I love a good subscription box and might be obsessed with stationary. Christopher is the muscle behind the DIY projects, he curates our playlists, and he's my partner in cooking, I taught him everything he knows.

We live in the suburbs of Orlando with our dog Lucy. Lucy is a cattle dog/hound mix and she is the sweetest, lickiest dog we know. We met in middle school and in 2009 made this thing for life with rings and cake and everything.

During the day Christopher works for a software company and I work at a college. We love a good Netflix binge, cooking together, and hanging out in our hammock.

Almost a decade into this marriage thing, we've managed to keep it real, not kill each other, and actually still mostly enjoy spending time together. It's not all roses and rainbows, but we're making it happen.

My entire family lives in Florida and most of them within a 10 minute drive, needless to say, we're close.We spend a lot of weekends eating pizza at a place that knows our drink order and doesn't bother us with menus. We also spend a ton of time picking on each other. 

I love to share my attempts in the kitchen, my crap craft room projects, local Orlando food, and other exciting life adventures.

Thanks so much for stopping by!




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