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2019 Epcot Festival of the Arts, Part 2

2019 Epcot Festival of the Arts, Part 2

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Epcot always seems to have some kind of festival going on. Festival of the Arts is the first festival of the year and has tons of pretty, tasty, and fun snacks. To see what we ate on our first trip to Festival of the Arts, click here!

We started with The Masterpiece Kitchen


This vanilla, rose water, and pistachio panna cotta was so good and so pretty. It had a nice crust at the bottom and the pink part was a nice smooth texture. Yum.


Mmmmm wild mushroom risotto, aged parmesan, and truffle shavings, and zinfandel reduction. Can anything with aged parmesan and truffles shavings even be bad?

Next we visited L'Art du Cuisine Francaise.


This warm creamy brie in a house made bread bowl was hands down one of my favorite things I ate at the festival. Cheese is life, so this was obviously amazing. It was kind of like inside out fondue and it was tasty.

The molten chocolate cake with pure origin valrhona chocolates, was so warm and gooey, just like you want a lava cake to be. Plus the little dots of fruit sauce were really pretty and a fun way to incorporate some fruit flavors.


And it wouldn't be a trip to the France pavilion without a frose of some kind. The Festival of the Arts frose had rose wine, Grey Goose vodka, and peach puree. Definitely a nice treat since Florida has decided it's already summer.

Our third stop was The Artist's Table in the America pavilion.


This was a delicious beef wellington mushroom bordelaise, fennel cream, and roasted baby vegetables, but Christopher had already eaten his half by the time I got back from getting a coke, so I just dug in and took a "oh crap we almost finished it" picture.

Our last stop was Cuisine Classique near the Germany Pavilion.

We shared the red wine-braised beef short rib with parsnip puree, broccolini, baby tomatoes, and aged balsamic. Short ribs are so good, and these were no exception. If I hadn't been so full, I wouldn't have shared at all. I also had a frose here, but no picture.

After a fun day eating and drinking around Epcot with our friends Jenn and Matt, we walked back to the parking lot, and couldn't find the damn car. After about 20 minutes of walking around the "Discover" section of the Epcot parking lot, we found our car and headed home. I could have SWORN we parked in Discover 17, but I was wrong, and Christopher was right. It won't happen again.

Did you go to Epcot's Festival of the Arts this year? What were your favorite snacks and/or drinks?

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