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We are Natalie and Christopher. We blog about life in the suburbs of Orlando, FL with no kids and one dog. Thanks for checking in.

Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary to Us!

Happy 10th Wedding Anniversary to Us!

TEN years ago Christopher and I vowed to love each other, share our shit, and stay together until one of us dies or is killed by the other.


The last ten years have flown by for the most part, dragged by during a few, but have been full of great adventures. We have learned about each other, planned, failed, grown, all the usual stuff that happens in a marriage. You don’t stay married for a decade without putting in some work, but today I want to share some of our highlights.


After our first slightly shady apartment, we bought a house. We still live in our cute, green, house and this has been the longest I have ever lived in one house in my life.

We’ve planted and killed a garden, planted and killed a lemon tree, painted, replaced floors, bought furniture, put up a fence, survived a few tropical storms, and decorated big for holidays.

We adopted the CUTEST dog, Lucy. After Christopher forgot to get me a birthday present or card or make any plans at all for my first birthday as his wife, I demanded a dog. Christopher wasn’t sure about getting a dog, he didn’t have one growing up, but I wasn’t taking no for an answer, and now we can’t imagine our home without our Lucy girl.

We have had Disney Annual Passes for 4/10 years we’ve been married. We love to spend a few hours in that magical place riding rides and snuggle under the fireworks.

We have UCF Football season tickets so we can cheer on our Knights in person. We started subscribing to Broadway Across America and have seen several shows we wouldn’t have even heard of otherwise. I especially love our traditional slice at Lazy Moon on the way home from Dr. Phillip’s Center.


We spend days floating in our community pool and lounging at the beach during our 9 months of summer. We have traveled to 11 states, DC, The Bahamas, Canada, Germany, and soon we will add England and France to the list.

I love how much we have grown individually and together, and I can’t wait to see what the next decade will bring.

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