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Florida Cactus and First Orchid Adventure

Florida Cactus and First Orchid Adventure

So, I did an thing… I bought a CRAP TON of PLANTS.

I know. I shouldn’t be allowed within a mile of plants, but Kimber wanted to go to these extra cool plant nurseries and I wanted to go with her, and then the plants were so cheap, and then we bought them all. It was AMAZING and I regret nothing.

Out first stop was Florida Cactus, they have greenhouse after greenhouse of every size and color and type of cacti and succulent. I mean I know nothing about plants so maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but I don’t think it is. Kimber and I spent a couple hours smiling, giggling, shopping for plants and sweating our asses off.


We left with a trunk full of caci and succulents (some of mine are above, yes just some) and hearts filled with joy. Cold water bottles in hand, and AC blasting, we headed to our second stop, First Orchid Nursery.

On the way to First Orchid, Kimber and I were discussing the modest number of orchids we were planning to buy, something like 2 or 3 each, which of course meant 5. We figured that was reasonable, expecting them to be priced around $10 - $15 each.

After some trial and error, including almost going to a nursery with what looked like a gratified sign, we made it the whole 3 miles to First Orchid. We walked in and were greeted by a nice woman who told us the orchids were priced $3-7 each and handed us each a tray that held 12. Kimber and I just started laughing, because obviously our plan to buy a modest 5 orchids each had just gone straight out the window.

20 + orchids later, we walked out, giggling and smiling and sweating profusely again. We gently loaded our babies into their car seats and headed for some lunch/dinner.


A day full of plant shopping called for margaritas (which are very special to Kimber’s and I) and when the server brought them over to the table they were garnished with ORCHIDS and we knew that we had made all the right choices that day.

Say a little prayer for these new plants I have brought into my home, and check back soon, to see how I potted my new little babes.

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