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2018 Year in Review

2018 was an intense year. We experienced some very sad, very scary, lows, and some highs we'll never forget. So here I'll share the things we loved most about 2018 and the things we are glad to have survived.

Things We Loved January
Celebrating Hannah's recovery Celebrating Elicia and Ben's wedding Celebrating UCF Football with a parade at Walt Disney World Eating my annual deep fried Mars bar at the Scottish Highland Games Living the suite life at the Miranda Lambert concert with Bianca
Celebrating Molly's birthday Building terrariums with Bianca Visiting Carrie in DC, and visiting all of my favorite DC places together A Galentine's Day Date with Jen
Visiting Kelly, Scott, and Baby Finley in CT Spending the day with Stacy in CT Kelly taking me to Neil's Donuts every day while I was in CT Celebrating little Heidi's birthday Planing a lemon tree Matching Easter tattoos with my best girls
Riding the Sunrail together to see Something …

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