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Trader Joe's Haul #2 - Fall 2019

Trader Joe's Haul #2 - Fall 2019

Fall has some of the best foods and snacks, so a second trip to Trader Joe’s for seasonal items was pretty much a requirement.

Y’all. Trader Joe’s is not playing around with Fall. They came to PLAY! I have a fun assortment of pumpkin, maple, and boos (he he, get it, ghosts), so let’s dig in.


First up, beer! I got an assortment of seasonal beers and just some stuff I’ve been wanting to try. We have plans to have a beer sampling night for the seasonal stuff this weekend.

The butternut squash mac & cheese is basically a Trader Joe’s seasonal cult favorite, but I’ve never had it, so here it is. I also picked up this savory corn pie becasue it looks pretty good.


Yum, treats!! The spiced pumpkin madeleines are so perfectly pumpkiny, I might have to get another sleeve of these. or three. The chocolate mousse pumpkins are so chocolatey and delicious, I think they have some version of this throughout the year, but I’ve never tried the chocolate mousse cakes before now. I can’t wait to eat another one of these little cuties. I got the carrot cake for a work birthday party, it’s good, but carrot is not my favorite so I’m not a good judge of this treat. Last, the maple streusel bread smells amazing through the bag. I haven’t even opened it yet, and it smells so very good. I am planning to enjoy this toasted, if I can wait for it to toast without eating it first.

Of course, I never leave Lucy out, so I got her this turkey and pumpkin jerky. She loves a good jerky and she was all up in my face as soon as I got this out of the bag. I also got a bag of the maple & sea salt kettle corn, which I feel like is going to be amazing. I already love kettle corn and maple, so I’m sure together it’s going to be perfect.


Finally, is it even fall if you don’t have a cinnamon broom (or in this case whisk) and a plant in a skull?

I also bought more honeycrisp apple candles and pumpkin rolls this trip that aren’t pictured here, but you can find them from my first Trader Joe’s Fall Haul.

I can always count on Trader Joe’s to have an amazing selection or seasonal stuff to keep my basic heart happy.

Plant  Update: October 2019

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