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Halloween Treats 2019

Halloween Treats 2019

We LOVE Halloween! At the beginning of our marriage we lived in an apartment and I would dream of when we’d have a house to decorate and hand out candy to trick or treaters. And here we are, gearing up for our 8th Halloween handing out treats.


I like to have a big mix of candy, becasue I am a textbook people pleaser, and a good selection of non food treats for kids that either can’t have candy or don’t like it.

This year we got a giant bag of assorted chocolate candies and a giant bag of assorted fruity candies from Costco, then a bag of Ringpops from Target, and two bags of Halloween gummies from Trader Joe’s. I know that these kids won’t see me again until next Halloween, but I want our house to be a house they remember.


Daaaannnggg, look at all those tasty treats!


Both of my brothers have life threatening food allergies, so I know that can make life hard for a kid and I wan’t all kids to be able to have fun and participate in trick or treating. We always hand out glow sticks to everyone that comes to our house, and then this year for our allergy free treats we have glitter slime, bubbles, bat and spider rings, cat erasers, and temporary tattoos.


I keep all of my allergy free treats in a separate Teal Pumpkin Project pumpkin to keep them as safe as possible. I do let all kids choose a treat from the toy pumpkin and the candy pumpkin, becasue again, I want to be the favorite.

Here’s our little set up in the foyer. We’re pumped for Halloween. Are you ready?

Happy Trick or Treating!

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