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Guess What?

Guess What?

Guess what Decals.png

Funny baby onesies make me so happy. I love making these tiny outfits for the babies in my life, and because I know a couple of mama’s to be, I broke out the old Cricut.

Getting Started - Guess What.png

To get started with this project, steal some ideas from the internet, then make your own version in Cricut Design Center and cut out your decals.

Step 2, iron your tiny onesies as well as you can. I am not very good with an iron so this is as good as it gets.

Step 3, get all of your supplies together. I have my onesie, iron on vinyl decals, and a cloth napkin to put between my decal and the iron. You want some kind of thin fabric barrier.

Guess What - iron on.png

Now the serious business of ironing on. Step 1, arrange the decal in your desired location. For this joke the chicken goes on the butt.

Step 2, place your thin cloth over your decal to protect it from exploding, or something like that.

Step 3, Press and hold your hot iron over the decal for the length of time on the package instructions, usually like 30ish seconds, then apparently you are supposed to flip it inside out and do it again, but I didn’t read the instructions and so I just held the iron on the front for an hour or 2 until the vinyl adhered. Don’t fuck it up like I did, follow the instructions.

Step 4, repeat steps 1 - 3 with any other decals you have.


As I mentioned in step 3 above, I ran into a couple little hiccups. the first one was cutting my vinyl out wrong. I must have clicked on “mirror” twice so then it wasn’t mirrored. Oops. I also didn’t measure the onesies and this font size was a little excessive for the size of the outfit. So at least when I re-cut the decal I could make it a little smaller. Then of course I didn’t follow the iron on instructions and it took me probably 5 times longer than it should have because I was doing it wrong.


And here is the finished product! Guess what? Chicken Butt!

I love silly jokes and I think anything that might make a new parent smile while changing a diaper in the middle of the night is a good idea. I can’t wait to give these cut outfits to some new babies this summer.

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