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31 Things I am Grateful for March 2019

31 Things I am Grateful for March 2019

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March has been a great month. I mean how could it not be when I still get a Spring Break?! Here are 31 things I am grateful for this March.

  1. Trying new dole whip treats at Magic Kingdom

  2. Stuffed waffle at Metro Diner

  3. Celebrating Molly and Heidi turning 4 and 2.

  4. A self care date to Hollywood Studios to ride Slinky Dog Dash

  5. Hosting the family birthday celebration at our house

  6. A pink Buc-ee’s blanket from Texas

  7. Seeing Fiddler on the Roof

  8. Lazy Moon pizza slices

  9. Seeing the Orlando Philharmonic


  11. A manicure and pedicure and relaxation time

  12. Getting the From Crook to Cook cookbook by Snoop Dog

  13. Learning to do pour painting

  14. New containers from The Container Store

  15. Another self care date to Hollywood Studios to ride Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster and Tower of Tower and try the Cookie Num Nums

  16. Flower and Garden Festival with Hannah

  17. Lucy’s cuteness when she “opens” her Barkbox

  18. A fun downtown Sanford lady date with Jen

  19. Friends that share their HBO log in

  20. Finding out that you can get hot fudge on a McDonald’s McFlurry

  21. Christopher and I making dinner together

  22. My spring break plants are still alive

  23. Celebrating a new baby

  24. An AMAZING UCF Basketball game against Duke

  25. My new office door curtain I made with Rifle Paper Co. Fabric

  26. A fresh hair cut and color

  27. Dinner with Bianca

  28. Fritos

  29. Bianca convincing me to watch The West Wing

  30. Celebrating family birthdays

  31. Rothy’s

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Guess What?

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