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We are Natalie and Christopher. We blog about life in the suburbs of Orlando, FL with no kids and one dog. Thanks for checking in.

31 Things I am Grateful for July 2019

31 Things I am Grateful for July 2019

  1. Making s’mores with Christopher for dessert

  2. My parent’s 36th wedding anniversary. They have set such a lovely example for my brothers and I to learn from.

  3. Weekday lunch date with Christopher

  4. America

  5. Buying all the plants with Kimber

  6. Brunch and Toy Story 4 with mom and dad

  7. Spending time with our cutie pie nieces and playing with fireworks

  8. McDonald’s iced coffee

  9. A good dermatologist visit

  10. A family of ducklings crossing the road in my neighborhood

  11. Dinner with Jen

  12. Head massages during a salon shampoo

  13. Beach date with Christopher

  14. Group dinner with friends

  15. My half birthday

  16. Barkbox, it’s hilarious!

  17. Ordering a new mattress and sheets

  18. Treats with fun coworkers

  19. Visiting the big foot museum

  20. Another year of Josh

  21. Spending time with my extended family to remember my aunt’s life

  22. Doing silly things with Christopher and Jacob

  23. Waking up to a gorgeous view of mountains and Blue Ridge Lake for a long weekend

  24. A mid week date night with Christopher

  25. A surprise FaceTime call from Molly, Heidi, and Kimber

  26. Rifle Paper Co. Sidewalk Sale

  27. Making fun staycation plans for next month

  28. Grocery delivery

  29. An impromptu visit from the nieces and getting to introduce them to silly string

  30. Mani Pedi date with Hannah

  31. A dad that basically has a hardware store in his garage

Summertime Slump

Summertime Slump

Potting Cacti, Succulents, and Orchids

Potting Cacti, Succulents, and Orchids