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Summertime Slump

Summertime Slump

I’ve been in quite a slump recently, like the struggle bus I was driving broke down and now I’m towing it with my struggle tow truck, kind of slump.

I know that slumps are universal, so I thought I’d share mine.

Last month we took an extended family trip to a beautiful cabin in North Georgia and remembered my Aunt Barb’s life. We spread her ashes in a place with a view and lightning bugs. We ate s’mores, explored cute main streets, went on a train ride. It was lovely. We had fun being together, but the gaps left by Popsicle and Barb are felt deeply.

After we got home from Georgia, my busy season at work started. Mid July - August are rough in higher ed. All the new students are rushing to get things turned in, impatient with processes that are new to them, and often overwhelmed by the experience. It makes for some cranky students, which in turns leaves the staff cranky, over caffeinated, and exhausted at the end of the day.

Every year I make a treat schedule for August. Every day that I come to work and don’t quit, I get a prize, like ice cream, a fancy bath, or a Disney/pool/beach day over the weekend. I also try not to make very many plans after work, so I have extra time for lounging in pajamas with Christopher and Lucy.

Summer is also my least favorite season. Summer in Florida is SO HOT. Like if you are outside you need to be in water or else you might evaporate. So I spend a lot of the season, counting down to fall, and this summer is no different.

I am looking forward to staying at Disney for the weekend in a couple weeks, going on our annual fall friends cruise, our first family cruise, cooler weather, and Christmas lights.

I know this will pass, but sometimes when you’re in the depths of the slump it feels like the song that never ends.

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