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We are Natalie and Christopher. We blog about life in the suburbs of Orlando, FL with no kids and one dog. Thanks for checking in.

31 Things I am Grateful for October 2019

31 Things I am Grateful for October 2019

October starts my favorite time of the year. It’s Christopher’s birthday month, Halloween, prepping for the rest of Fall and the beginning of Winter. It’s just the best.

  1. After dinner fall treats on the couch with Christopher

  2. A mid week manicure and pedicure after work

  3. Celebrating Mean Girls day with homemade cheese fries

  4. Texas de Brazil date night

  5. A fun weekend trying Maple Street Biscuit Co, and unexpectedly getting to visit the Dahlias Flower Truck

  6. Another year of Christopher

  7. Foxtail Coffee on Uber Eats

  8. Paid sick time for when I’m not feeling my best

  9. Starbucks mobile ordering

  10. Mom and Dad visiting for the weekend

  11. Trying DG Doughnuts for the first time

  12. Disney Day with Christopher, Mom, and Molly

  13. Fall Festival at with friends

  14. Home Chef Meal kits

  15. Dinner with Jake

  16. A fun lunch with work friends from other campuses

  17. Amazon music to keep me from falling asleep at my desk

  18. Our first pumpkin pie of the season

  19. UCF Football win

  20. Rock painting

  21. Christopher making dinner

  22. Lunch with a friend and a view

  23. Reese’s pumpkins

  24. The opportunity to help someone feel better, even if just for a few minutes.

  25. Sitting and drinking coffee out of a mug at Foxtail

  26. Aunt and Uncle play date with Heidi and Molly

  27. Seeing Les Miserables with Christopher and Jacob

  28. Starting new traditions

  29. Pedicures and dinner with mom

  30. McDonald’s ice coffee

  31. Trick or Treating

My New Obsession: Rock Painting

My New Obsession: Rock Painting

Home Chef - First Impressions

Home Chef - First Impressions