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My New Obsession: Rock Painting

My New Obsession: Rock Painting

Have you heard of happiness rocks? I only kind of know about them from my sister in law and nieces. They paint rocks and take them to the happiness rock garden at the library, and leave and find them around town at parks and playgrounds. Sounds fun.

A few weeks ago Christopher was busy working on a Nerf gun project that I had zero interest in, so I decided to paint some rocks. I figured I’d paint a handful and save them for a day when I was going to hang out with my nieces and have them teach me how to hide them. I didn’t have a ton of paint on hand, so I tried mixing some of my own colors, I have since gone to Hobby Lobby and purchased almost every color. I go big.

During my first rock painting session I painted some cacti rocks, an egg, a three eyed monster, a couple of jack-o’-lanterns, an olive, a love monster, and a house. I let them dry over night, I sprayed them with a clear acrylic coating, and put them in a little box to save for my Aunt Natalie play date.

Sometime after my first painting session, I added a rainbow rock to the mix, as well as a couple more jack-o’-lanterns, and a really special spider web.

I love how my little cacti rocks turned out! I need to get a new pot that is a little bit bigger for them, and then I will proudly display these cute plants I can’t kill!


When the time came to hide my rocks, I gathered up the nieces for an outing with Aunt Natalie and Uncle Chris. We had breakfast, played on a playground, and then they taught us all about good hiding spots for rocks. We even got to see a couple of kids find some of them while we were still hiding the last two.


I had so much fun painting these rocks that I bought a giant bag of rocks, a ton of paint colors, a new set of paint brushes, and paint pens so I can keep creating fun little rocks to hide or gift to my friends.

Do you paint rocks? Have you ever found a rock somewhere?

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