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We are Natalie and Christopher. We blog about life in the suburbs of Orlando, FL with no kids and one dog. Thanks for checking in.

30 Things I am Grateful for April 2019

30 Things I am Grateful for April 2019

  1. A productive and prank free day at work

  2. Dinner and drinks and catching up with Jen

  3. One of my besties having a successful surgery

  4. Christopher getting home safely from his work trip to Kentucky

  5. Easter egg decorating class at Rifle Paper Co. with my mom

  6. The best coffee day with Christopher and Jen at Foxtail’s Farmhouse

  7. New earrings

  8. A McDonald’s adventure with Hannah

  9. Impromptu fondue date with Bianca

  10. Painting in therapy again

  11. A successful special event at work

  12. Another trip to Flower and Garden Festival

  13. Brunch and Orlando Philharmonic with Kera

  14. Baby ducklings in our neighborhood

  15. Trying New General store with Christopher and Jen

  16. Another year of mommy

  17. Finally getting to try a slice of cake from Gideon’s

  18. Seeing Dear Evan Hansen with Christopher

  19. Hanging out with Molly and Heidi and their cuteness

  20. M&M’s

  21. A risen Lord

  22. Earth Day dirt cups

  23. Friends that become family

  24. That 70’s Show

  25. A mani + pedi with my mom

  26. Uber eats coffee delivery

  27. Naps

  28. Disney day with mom

  29. Jake’s homemade bread

  30. I grew a flower from a seed

Mental Health Awareness Month 2019

Mental Health Awareness Month 2019

April Barkbox

April Barkbox