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30 Things I am Grateful for June 2019

30 Things I am Grateful for June 2019

June in Florida is FULL FORCE SUMMER. It’s so hot outside, it makes you want to cry. So if you see a theme of water, air conditioning, and frozen treats over the next couple of months, that’s why. Happy Summer, y‘all!

  1. A relaxing day at home

  2. Celebrating family birthdays and a cousin graduating from HS

  3. A productive first day back at work after vacation

  4. A bloom on my dessert rose

  5. Banana Dream Cake

  6. Afternoon rain is back

  7. Donut Day!

  8. Playing Ticket to Ride with the fam

  9. Floating in my rainbow float

  10. Ice cream bars

  11. Watermelon season

  12. Lots of little bird friends visiting our backyard

  13. A fun work day celebrating student leaders

  14. Seeing Come From Away

  15. Hot fresh Krispy Kreme doughnuts

  16. My dad, the best dad in the world

  17. Fancy movie theaters

  18. Dinner, drinks, and gossip with friends

  19. Friends trivia with real life friends

  20. Fazoli’s breadsticks

  21. Foxtail Coffee Delivery

  22. Meeting baby Anna

  23. A quick garage door repair

  24. Strawberry soft serve

  25. Another year of Aunt Juli

  26. Mom letting me use her sweet new car

  27. Another year of Kimber

  28. Another year of Jen

  29. Reading during afternoon storms

  30. That I got to work with my brother for three years

    • He got a new job and while that’s great for him, I’m sad.

Summer Bucket List 2019

Summer Bucket List 2019

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